5 de agosto de 2021

Fiestas y Comerciantes celebran el concurso de la búsqueda de #laflamencasexitana2020

Tiene lugar por los comercios locales inscrito y tiene un premio único de 300 euros a gastar entre los comercios inscritos en la campaña
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In order to boost the local commerce of Almuñécar and coinciding with the week of the «festivals» of the town 2020, the Department of Fiestas of the Almuñequero City Council and the www.expertmommysworld.com Association of Sexitano Commerce «we have organized a game between neighbors and visitors called the search of the flamenco sexitana ”.

The development and operation of the game, whose hashtag is # laflamencasexitana2020, starts this Monday the 10th and will last until Saturday, August 15 (both included) with the following hours: from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The game consists of finding the «sexitana flamenco» who will be «hidden» and who is shopping these days in the participating stores. Inside these premises there will be a figure of a flamenco woman who will rotate during the days of the game between the shops. Participants must go inside (respecting all the security measures and capacity of the shops) to find the flamenco and take a picture with her.

The photo must be uploaded to social networks (Facebook or Instagram) with the hashtag # laflamencasexitana2020 and # fiestaspatronales2020 and indicating that it was in the «name of the business» where it was found and also mentioning the Almuñécar Culture Area (@culturalmunecar) and the Merchants Association (@asociacion_comercio_sexitano).

In the same place where the photo is taken, they will write down (with their own pen) their data in a document provided by the place where they will also give their permission to be able to publish or share the photo on the Social Networks of the City Council, Merchants Association and company organizer (Atrezzo).

Once the flamenco is found in a store, it will be covered with a cloth or canvas and it will be moved again.

Among all the photos uploaded correctly with the hashtag, the mentions, where it was and with the correct data (indicated in the document of the business found) an online raffle will be held to choose the winner of the prize. Even if participants upload multiple photos, only one valid entry per participant will be counted.

On Monday, August 17, the name of the winner of the draw will be published on the social networks of the City Council and the Merchants Association, with the instructions to collect it.
The main prize consists of a bonus valued at 300 euros to be spent at the businesses registered in the 2020 Fair campaign.

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