La Junta destaca el nivel formativo del curso de FPE sobre seguridad personal

Campo de tiro de Las Gabias

El alumnado obtendrá un certificado de profesionalidad para acceder a distintas ocupaciones, como escolta y vigilancia de centrales de energía

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The delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan José Martín Arcos, today visited the facilities of the Specialized High Performance Olympic Shooting Center ‘Juan Cralos I’ of Las Gabias to be interested in the progress of the course of Professional Training for Employment (FPE) on ‘Surveillance, private security and protection of people’, which has highlighted the “level of training” that is offered, and which is taught by the Hermanos Naranjo Center to thirty unemployed people who obtain a certificate of professionalism Level 2.

Martín Arcos underlined during the course of his visit “the effort that the Junta de Andalucía has made to reactivate the FPE courses”, which in Granada will have a budget of close to 7 million euros and will benefit 2,385 unemployed people, who will have access to 159 training actions given by 47 entities.

The courses of FPE, as has been highlighted, “represent an important tool for the requalification of unemployed people. In addition, the Board has made a special effort so that the payments of aid to the winning entities are subject to the maximum guarantees of control, through a rigorous inspection procedure “.

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With a budget of 60,900 euros, the security course ends next February and during the 330 hours that the participants acquire the general skills necessary to monitor and protect property and people avoiding the commission of crimes and infractions, as well as accompanying people for the defense of their physical integrity, as set out in Royal Decree 548/2014, regulator of the professional certificate ‘SEADO112: Surveillance, private security and protection of people’, belonging to the professional family of Safety and Environment.

Once the course has been completed, the beneficiaries of this training action will be able to obtain a level 2 professional certificate, which certifies that they are in possession of the necessary professional skills to access occupations such as security guards, private escort, power generation plants , transportation of funds and control of passenger luggage, among others.

Martín Arcos recalled that the application period for several training actions that are about to begin imminently is now open, which is why he has encouraged all interested unemployed persons to consult the course finder that the Employment, Business and Commerce Department has enabled in his web!financiadas.

In the convocation of these courses, in addition to adapting to legal changes at the state level, other developments are included among which are found the training actions that allow beneficiaries to obtain certificates of professionalism as a guarantee of the usefulness of training received at the time of accessing an offer of employment, and the establishment of quantifiable scale criteria that guarantee the competitive concurrence in the access to the subsidies to carry out courses, as well as the impossibility of subcontracting the training actions by the beneficiary entity.

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